Jetway JBC390W vs JetWay JNF9HG-2930

  • Hi

    I've currently got a very old desktop from 2006 that is running Zentyal on it but I am thinking of changing to pfsense. It's a Intel Celeron D 2.5GB RAM.

    My requirements are that it should support 370Mbps down (300 Virgin Media UK and 70 Talk Talk UK) and 40Mbps up (20 Virgin Media UK and 20 Talk Talk UK) as well as Gigabit LAN Transfers.

    I am not sure which of these if any would be able to support my requirements. Advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Jetway JBC390W:|JBC390W#

    JetWay JNF9HG-2930:

    I assume the serial connections on these will also work with pfsense? So if needed I connect connect via serial to reboot or configure the router from a remote location. In my case from a different city in the UK.



    This board will working fine together with pfSense, but the both add on NICs with 4 Ports are not
    very nice playing together with pfSense, based on the PHY switch chip on that cards. Again the NICs
    soldered on that board are ok and running fine, but the available add on NICs (Quad port) are not
    supported under pfSense based on their PHY switch chip (Pericom PI7C9X2G608GP or Pericom 608GP)

    Here are the links to that boards:
    JetWay JNF9HG-2930 & add on NICs

    Jetway JBC390W:|JBC390W#

    The Jetway JBC390W is not based on the board above, but it could really be that the add on cards are the same
    ones and then you could running into the same trap from the add on NICs above and their not supported PHY
    Pericom 608GP!!! So please be sure first and clear it up over a perhaps pre-sales question or eMail what is
    really inside of that bare bone please.

    In my opinion, I personally would go with the following parts;

    • JetWay JNF9HG-2930 (board only)
    • Compex WLE200NX WiFi card if needed
    • Crucial mSATA 30 GB (firewall only) or 60 GB (Snort) or 120 GB (Squid)
    • 2 x 4 GB RAM Crucial 204-pin DDR3L-1333 SO-DIMM (low power such as 1.35V is required)
    • M350 case
    • PSU as shown here under that link but for the usage in the UK please!
      External PSU

    This would be my personal choice of that pfSense box!
    If you like it not or it is to expensive, please have a look at the new PC Engines APU2C4 board
    available from the varia-store.

  • I would avoid the 10 port J1900 model if I need all of them to run at high speed.
    Jetway board usually comes with 2-4 ports and some models support the expansion cards, but the connectors will be an issue, just like my NF9HG-2930, the expansion slot is just a pci-e x1 slot, if you try to run full speed with 4xLAN add-on then you will experience packet drop when all of them running at high speed.