Hello Just installed PFSense for Corporate need some help

  • Hello Everyone,

    I just installed the pfsense and I had a few questions. I installed PFSense in a lab environment and need to conduct some tests before putting it on live network.

    My first question is why when I go to youtube does it load slower than when I am using my former Firewall?

    I see same slowness for sites such as Yahoo.com and others.

    Kind Regards

  • Where to begin? You've supplied so few details it could be anything. Could be the internet pipe you're using, the hardware you're running your firewall on, your DNS settings, the machines you're using to test the speed with, your DNS forwarders, your upstream router, your switches…

    So now that we've narrowed down the list of possibilities to a few hundred, perhaps you could provide some relevant information. Are you testing using the same pipe/DNS/hardware as  your other firewall. If not, how do they compare? Are your DNS settings the same across both firewalls?

    And so on.

  • Hello Thanks for the replay it is very quick, I thought it would take ages haha

    I think its the NIC card so I am checking my Server if its in full duplex because on the vm that I installed it shows "Default No Preference" whenever I try to change it to "10G-full duplex" it changes back to "Default no pref" my MTU size is 1500. As for CPU it is 50% on 1 core.

    I tried to bypass PFsense and use the original Firewall and like I said it worked. I am using the DNS resolver function on Pfsense while on my other firewall it is some other DNS server.

    BTW: Where do I configure DNS I want to try out my DNS server and I will try dynamic DNS too.

    EDIT: I also sent an email to sales concerning the PFSense hardware and also other requirements but have not received any feedback.

  • After further tests where I went online to download a 10Gbit File I got 300Mb/s but when I go to youtube I struggle to stream on even 144P.

  • Guys Thanks I fixed the issue : Apparently it was the same issue from this Forum : https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=88467.0

    and What I did was go and disable  Disable hardware checksum offload on System>Advanced>Networking on my Pfsense only. Just that. Touched nothing on KVM.

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