Squid redirect my web request to my pfsense (squid) machine

  • Hi

    I use this transparent proxy for 4 days and it works geat but sundely every page i want to tape in my browser this proxy redirect that request to my pfsense (squid) machine ip adress and open web configurator of pfsense…

    I then delete this squid and everything work great... Than i try again to install squid and the problem appear again...

    I use pfsense 1.2

    What is the problem?


  • Please search before posting.  To fix the problem, change your GUI protocol to HTTPS and some port other than 80.

  • Probably the same problem I have now… pfSense seems to have issues with transparent proxy rules (syntax error, to be precise). I was just searching around for people with the same problem, and how to fix it. Basically, once you have Squid on, you can't get rid of Squid unless you uninstall and reboot the server (so the rules are rebuilt from scratch and Squid isn't restarted). Otherwise, it's filtering all web requests to localhost (your server) to be sent through the proxy. >.<

  • I really doubt this is true.  You can stop squid if you go to status/services.  Even if the redirect rule was still in place, any change/apply of a firewall rule should reload the filters.  Also, many users have transparent squid running in a production environment without issue.  I'm sure that it isn't as good as having standalone Squid box, but for many people, it's the best solution.

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