Having issues setting up pfsense inside virtd

  • Hi Guys

    I'm having some issues im hpoing you can help me with.

    I'm trying to setup pfsense2.3 inside virtd ontop of ubuntu 16.04.

    The physical server has 4 network ports, 2 of which are only used for pfsense, the host does not have a configured ip address for these interfaces.

    The NICs are configured as bridged, pfsense sees them as re0 and re1, vlans are not used.

    My issue is I cannot access the internet from the lan side.

    Pfsense is picking up a valid ip address over pppoe from my internet provider 80.229.x.x

    I can ping both the lan and wan ip addresses of pfsense.

    I can ping google from the web interface of pfsense.

    DNS resolution appears to be working lan side as when I run ping from a lan side computer for www.google.com, it resolves to an ip address.

    Tracert stops after the first set which is, the lan ip of pfsense.

    The configuration is all defaults except for pppoe and the ip address of pfsense.

    I get the sense that the issue is with either the firewall or nat or routing.

    Is there some additional setting I need to change.

    PS, i had this working under virtual box on centos previously, so I know it can be made to work with my isp, when i set it up previously, i dont remember needing to do any special setup post installation however.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, i don't want to go back to the isp router

  • In case anyone else ever has the same problem, the issue was caused by virt d not using the hardware acceleration of the cpu in the default ubuntu 16.04 install.

    Solution was to reinstall with the virtualisation options selected.

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