Problem with DHCP on pfsense 2.2.6

  • Hi People, I am with problems to applied any changed im my DHCP on pfsense 2.2.6. For example, if i changed an Ip that I provided for my client, the configuration in the pfsense interface changed, but, the client can not to get the changed.

    All the change that I try to do in the DHCP services stay in the same scenario.

    I would like to know if someone already by the same problem, and which was the best solution to this problem.

    Best Regards,

  • You have to release and renew on the client, if the client requests a renewal of its existing IP, it'll be granted that renewal.

  • Hi CMB, thank you for reply

    I already executed this commands to renew Ip, but the problem still persists, any changed that i do in the DHCP, doesn't change, i make a test changed the Ip of my DNS SERVER in the DHCP and occured the same scenario.

    Do you think that is a problem with version 2.2.6?

    i didn't found about this in my searches.

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    you have to RELEASE, and then get a new IP via discover…  If the client asks for an existing lease, and that lease still exists on the dhcp server then yeah its going to get the old one.

    If you had a reservation for a machine with mac xyz to get ip, and now you want this mac xyz to get IP then on the client RELEASE the old lease.. Then get a new one via discover (ipconfig /renew in windows sure after the /release)

    Better yet just delete the OLD lease off the server.

  • Hi johnpoz,

    Thank you for reply, im my case i am used the pfsense version 2.2.6, in my dhcp service there are option ARP Table Static Entry, this option are unchecked. I make a test changed my ip, after i executed this commands ipconfig /renew  and ipconfig /release. But  My Ip doesn't change

    This scenario are very strange.

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    did you actually create a reservation??  Post up your reservation, and screen shot of your machine ipconfig /all

    I can tell there is no issue with using static IP or dhcp reservations in pfsense.  I use many of them…  Both back on 2.2.6 and with current 2.3

  • Hi johnpoz,

    Thank you for help,  I resolve my problem, through of the executing an stop and start im my dhcp service and executing a clean in my arp table.

    When I try to do a restart in my dhcp service, doesn't work. I don't know if this is a bug of the version 2.2.6

    Best Regards.

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    not sure what you think your arp table had to do with a dhcp lease.. I can tell you that in 2.2.6 I never had any problems restarting dhcp..

  • Thank you for reply

    The problem was solved with stop and start services DHCP.

    Thank for help of all the people.

  • Sounds like the problem was you renewed and then released, instead of releasing and then renewing.

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    ^ hehe that is funny.. But your right that is how he wrote it

    "after i executed this commands ipconfig /renew  and ipconfig /release"

    Nope that sure wouldn't work..

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