Interface up - Gateway down

  • I have a situation where my WAN interface gets an IP address but the gateway shows down.
    Normally this is a fixed ip through MAC reservation and the interface shows the usual IP, when I spoof the mac address, my ISP gives me another IP address. So far it looks like everything is ok but the gateway is down with 100% loss.

    • I have tried with a different monitor IP or disabling the monitoring but no activity on the line.
    • I tested a laptop directly attached to the modem and this works fine, so no fault there.

    The network configuration is more complex:

    • modem is connected on a switch with an untagged port on a specific VLAN (exclude on the default VLAN).
    • a trunk (HP) goes to the coreswitch, the trunk is tagged on that specific VLAN.
    • on the coreswitch the trunk port and ports to the hosts are tagged on that specific VLAN.
    • on the hosts a vswitch is configured with that specified VLAN on a network with a nic on that network connected to pfSense

    The same configuration is used for a second internet line, the only difference is that it doesn't go over a trunk but over fiber and start from a different switch. This line doesn't have any problems.

  • Edit the gateway, set the payload to 1 and it'll probably work.

  • Thx for the reply but should have added I had this issue pre 2.3 already.
    Payload didn't help in this case.

  • Sounds like you just can't ping out in that case, does Diag>Ping to your gateway and Internet destinations work?

  • WAN1 (working): 3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
    WAN2 (not working): 3 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss

  • That sounds like something upstream of your system is blocking all pings on that WAN.

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