2.3 frustrating - but problem resolved

  • I am just a home user that uses pfSense in front of one wireless router, pretty much as a hobby/out of curiosity.  I've been running pfSense for well over 3 years now with very few issues.

    I upgraded to 2.3 last night and all outbound came to a halt.  I am not a network guru so I wasn't sure where to start getting things resolved.  However, things are working now and I thought I'd post my resolution just in case someone else experiences the same.

    First of all, following the upgrade, squid was not running.  I couldn't cleanly uninstall or reinstall.  After deleting the cache and error logs, I successfully uninstalled and reinstalled to get squid running again.  However, internet access was still down.

    After searching quite a bit through various settings, etc. I noticed there were some errors in the firewall rules that pfSense was notifying me as having an issue with when loading.  After some trial and error, it seemed the invalid settings were related to the traffic shaper.  I don't believe I have ever configured the traffic shaper on my install.  However, I figured I'd step through the shaper wizard to see if it would "clean" things up.  I left all settings as default (it forced me to enter some upload/download bandwith settings on the LAN interface).  Once the wizard was completed, internet access was restored and everything appears to be working normally now.

    A little frustrating that the install broke one or more items.  Jury still out for me on the new interface.  Certainly looks cleaner, but I thought the old interface was pretty cool.

    Anyway, just posting in case this will assist someone else with 2.3 upgrade issues.

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