CARP - GUI bug or something worse?

  • Hello,
    I've noticed that every once in a while, I get weird behaviors in my CARP status screen, for example a single VIP master and every other as backup in the slave pfsense box (I am sure there is no misconfiguration) and this time, even weirder, I get this VIP where the "backup" icon appears w/out being followed by any text (please see the attach). Can this be a 2.3 bug?

  • When there's no text there, that means the IP can't be found configured on the OS. Maybe it already has that 7.1 IP on it elsewhere? In which case it'd fail when trying to add that as a CARP IP, leaving you in that situation. That's just one reason that comes to mind as maybe the most likely cause. Any ifconfig errors or anything relevant in the system log?