Strange behavior of traffic

  • Hello, I have a problem on my network that I give cable cebeça, so I have two managed switch and a pfsense in pfsense have 3 network cards in loadbalance, have set 7 vlans, everything works and the firewall rules station to be fulfilled, but if I put a wireshark on a machine can detect traffic between vlan vlan 4 and 5, as I lay in vlan 7 because this happens to the trafeco go through my network card? how can I solve this?

    The worst problem of all is that any computer on the network can run a wireshark and read off data network traffic that passes through your network card

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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If your seeing traffic from other vlans on a box in a different vlan then you don't have your switches setup correctly..  Your most likely just running different Layer 3 over the same layer 2..

    What this has to do with pfsense have no idea.  You say you have managed switches, so how do you have the vlans setup on the switches?

  • I still not very explored the switches, are dlink 1510, I for now I have only created the VLANs on the switch and every door I put in state hybrid con vlan tagged as I attribute to vlan the radius server, which should aim at the switch?

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