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    1. Some clear notation that you are using a manual config. Apparently I accidentally did that as some point and it was't putting my field changes in. Removing the package and deleting the openbgp directory didn't fix. Finally parsed the pfSense config and saw the custom config. Wan't sure how to clear that, so I just tried removing all the raw config and then it dumped in the config based on the fields.

    2. Better documentation, see above.



  • In fairness, the Raw Config page does state:
    You can edit the raw bgpd.conf here.
    Note: Once you click "Save" below, the assistant (in the "Settings", "Neighbors" and "Groups" tabs above) will be overridden with whatever you type here. To get back the assisted config save this form below once with an empty input field.

  • It doesn't say that in pfSense 2.3, OpenBGPD 0.11_4.

    This is the only comment in the config file.

    This file was created by the package manager. Do not edit!

    This is under the box where the raw config can be seen and edited.

    The raw contents of the OpenBGPd configuration. View or edit the raw bgpd.conf as needed.

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  • I don't have my production box up to 2.3 yet. Loaded OpenBGPd on a test 2.3 box, they hid the additional info under the little 'i' button in the lower left.