PfSense SG-2440 mSATA Installation Question

  • Hello!

    This weekend, I hope to install a new 60GB mSATA drive into my pfSense SG-2440 firewall appliance. I am very familiar with how to reinstall pfSense using the memstick image and restoring from a config file back up.

    The part that I am uncertain about is, when installing pfSense from the USB memstick to the newly installed mSATA drive, is there something special I need to do during or after the installation process to make the new mSATA the "bootable" drive? Or is the mSATA drive automatically chosen for booting before the eMMC drive?

    -Matt  :)

  • Hello,

    please create an account at the pfSense shop and register the SG-2440 unit and then download the
    ADI image from there, its pre-tuned and specific matching to your appliance.

    Then please do a configuration backup and create a config.xml and export it to a media

    Install the new version on the mSATA by using a USB pen drive and change in front of that the boot order
    in the BIOS and then after installing and booting change it back to the mSATA drive and boot through.
    Then play back the config from the config.xml file.

  • Hi, I am planning in adding a large msata to my SG-2440 today, I have registered and read the readme.txt but still a little unsure about which image to use. I have an SG-2440 it has a mini usb console port so I assume I don't need the serial images, i'm not sure what an ADI board is or if I have one and not sure if/what the diffrence is with the P1 images? Can anyone clarify?

    Factory Recovery images for pfSense Hardware:
      SG-8860, SG-4860, SG-2440, SG-2220, XG-1540, C2758, and others

    This will reinstall the factory default image to a replacement hard drive or SSD.
    This will erase any current configuration.

    Decompress and write the image to a USB stick, then boot the stick.
    The software will install to the local hard drive.

    For SG series units using ADI boards, please use:

    For a system with a vga console, please use:

    For a system using a serial console, please use:

    For hardware-specific instructions, please see:


    • Inst all the mSATA
    • Change the boot order in the BIOS
    • install from USB USB Stick to mSATA
    • reject the USB Stick and reboot again


    This is yours, the lastest stable with Serial console Support.

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