IPsec VPN auto-connect

  • Hello everyone,

    we have setup IPsec VPN connection but this is not connecting automatically .

    every evening when colleagues leaves the office do the power off of whole building therefore CISCO vpn device at their end is also getting powerless till they comes in morning and do power on,  and every morning the result comes vpn doesn't work it show disconnected  at pf-sense interface until we don't connect it manually .

    so folks please give me any solution or script let IPsecVPN connected automatically when  Cisco VPN device power on in morning.


  • If there is any traffic trying to go across the VPN, it'll come up. The only exception to that I can think of is pre-2.3, IKEv2 would get a TS mismatch with a Cisco ASA.

    If that's a Cisco ASA on the other side, and you're using IKEv2, that might be why. If one or both of those is not true, that's not it. What do your IPsec logs show when it's not connected, but you have traffic trying to traverse the connection?

  • I don't understand the redmine ticket.
    Status is "resolved" but % done is still at 0%. History reads: Fixed, thanks to Tobias …

    So, is this fixed or still open? Just asking.

  • It's fixed. We often don't set % on any bug tickets, so it stays at the default of 0. The status is the only thing that matters.

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