Network connection appears to just shutdown

  • Hi Guys,
    I am having one really odd issue.  I am building my first pfsense box.  Im using a ECS KBN-I/2100 AMD board and a HP NC364T quad gigabit network adapter which is basically a re-branded Intel adapter.

    I have installed the latest pfsense release.  All the network ports are detected.  I set WAN for em0 and LAN for em1.  Set an IP for the LAN and connect a cable to the em1 port.  Here is where the odd part comes in.  Generally after installation I get a physical link and connectivity.  However when I reboot even though all the interfaces are detected and it says up, the em1 port the cable is in has no lights on which appears its not even establishing a physical link.  If I move the cable to a different port I get lights.  Sometimes if I completely unplug the box and then boot I will get connectivity as expected.  However the odd part is that at some point generally within 10-15 mins the connectivity will stop.  I look at the NIC port and no lights.  I have looked in the logs, I have done things like service netif restart, ifconfig em1 down/up.  And nothing brings the connectivity back, expect randomly reboots yet it never stays.

    I booted off a linux live CD and the same NIC port works and stays working without issue.  I have installed pfsense 2.3, and 2.2.6 and I see the same behavior.  I am going to install v2.1.5 which is no based on BSD10 to see if the problem goes away.

    Please HELP, I am pulling my hair out.


  • UPDATE: Same behavior on v2.1.5

  • Anyone?  Anything?

  • Have you checked your hardware agains the BSD HCL?

  • Well you are not alone!  I have the same ECS kbn-I 2100 motherboard and (2x4GB ram) and a dual port intel 1Gb NIC.  This setup is NOT stable to say the least.  The post above states that this motherboard/chipset is not supported though the post below made me purchase it in the first place:

    In any case my WAN seems to go down randomly and is plagued with kernel panics and reboots.  The poster mentions disabling ACPI (but really doesn't say where) since this can be done in pfsense and in the MB BIOS.  Disabling ACPI in the bios does nothing, however disabling ACPI in pfsense causes system NOT to boot.  Since this motherboard was only like 20 bucks I really don't care but now looking to see about a different MB since it appears this one is not it.  If anyone has any info please update with your experience.


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