Default Route… Change ?

  • Hello,

    the default route is after installation set to WAN-Gateway.

    I've change this route on command line:

    route delete default
    route add default <new ip="" address="">All works fine. I also added this commands to config.xml in "executeshellcmd".
    I've made this change because then it's possible for me to filter OpenVPN-Traffic
    on a second firewall.

    It's no default configuration an I now it's not supported but I hope for a answer. ;)
    Can I get problems? Do I need more settings or is it ok?

    Is there an other way to forward all OpenVPN-Traffic to a specific gateway?


  • I recommend always using the WAN interface as the interface containing the system's default gateway. That may mean you'll have to shift things around and put the WAN on your LAN, but that's the way to do it. There are areas of the code that can break your gateway when you rely on defining it in this manner. Just move WAN to where your default gateway is.

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