• I made a mistake this morning (do not operate firewalls before proper dosage of caffeine!) and issued the following from the dev shell

    playback gitsync master

    when I should have specified RELENG_2_3 as the branch. I wound up with something that said "2.4" on the dashboard which I didn't want. So I logged back in and ran

    playback gitsync RELENG_2_3

    which ran very quickly and didn't seem to change much but lo and behold my dash now says 2.3.1-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) again. Anything to worry about? Do I have a Frankenstein system now and if so is there any proper way to get back or do I need to pave over this? Seems to work ok  :P

  • It's fine at this point to gitsync back to RELENG_2_3.

  • Thanks again - seems to work!

    "pfSense - The Friday the 13th Edition"   :o

  • Rebel Alliance

    Best one yet. Sadly no hockey mask included  ;D