Proper way to get on the 2.3.1 dev track from a factory image?

  • I have a SG-2440 in the "home lab" that was running 2.3 factory (Netgate ADI) image.  I decided to jump on the 2.3.1 track yesterday and did it by selecting the Dev branch from System>Update>Settings and proceeding.  There were some errors but I solved them by pulling the keys in from this helpful thread.

    All went pretty smoothly, but afterwards I noticed it appears I may now be on the community edition (main thing I noticed was that my serial# disappeared from the dashboard).  Also when I look in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/pfSense.conf see the repo URLs below which I am not sure is correct?

    pfSense-core: {  url: "pkg+",
    pfSense: {  url: "pkg+",

    The only thing I found was this retired thread which didn't have an answer