RCC-VE 8860 Port Order in BIOS

  • I've just received an RCC-VE 8860 and the face plate labels the NICs from left to right as ETH0, ETH1, ETH2, ETH3, ETH4 and ETH5. However, pfsens labels the ports as igb1, igb0, igb2, ig3, igb4 and igb5. Is it possile to swap ports igb1 and igb0 around so that the correspond to the numerical order on the face plate? I understand the order is dependent on how the BIOS presents the ports.Is it possible to access the BIOS to change this order, and if so how?

  • Yes you can rename the Ether side in your configs.  I have the same problem with my 8860 where my first two ports are WAN and LAN, igb1 and igb0 respectively.  The default install makes igb0 the wan network and the igb1 the lan network.  Spent a few minutes trying to figure out why I could not ping or load the web interface!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you buy the 8860 from the pfSense store and not the Netgate store, it comes with the port labels for pfSense and not Linux, and the default configuration set to match.

    You can assign them in any order you like after pfSense is configured, but FreeBSD and pfSense will probe them as (reading left to right): igb1, igb0, igb2, igb3, igb4, igb5

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