My gateway monitoring is not working correctly after upgrading to 2.3

  • I have 2 pfsense boxes at different sites. Each one has two WAN interfaces (Comcast and Century Link). I have openvpn between the sites. And I am using dyndns. Ever since the upgrade to 2.3 the Comcast gateway monitor shows offline for any external IP address. I can successfully use the ping utility from the diagnostics menu to ping the external IP ( and selecting the Comcast interface to ping from. But when I use as the monitor address the gateway shows as offline. This results in the failover to the Century Link interface. I can set the monitor address of the Comcast GW to be the address of the interface and get the monitor to come back online (after a reboot though). I have tried different External IP addresses and all are showing as offline. Even the interface's GW shows as offline. I have tried to remove monitor addresses for both interfaces and that did not work. I have called Comcast and they checked their modem and everything is still the same. I am stumped as to why the ping utility will allow me to get a reply from but the GW monitor will show as offline when I choose that IP address to monitor. Any ideas?