Routing between two IPSEC tunnels

  • I am a total noob with pFsense (2.31) so I bow to anyone who can help  ;)

    I installed my first pFsense firewall to act as a router between my enterprise network firewall/router and an Azure ARM network (non-classic).  I have two IPSEC tunnels between the networks and all is routing fine from each network to the pFsense FW and a test workstation on the pFsense network.

    Here is the logical layout –

    Enterprise network    <-ipsec>  pFsense network  <-ipsec->    Azure ARM network                                  

    Now I need to figure out how to route between the two ipsec tunnels and I have been searching high and low without finding a workable solution.

    As a side note --  our Enterprise Firewall is a Sophos UTM which works great for everything but Azure ARM.  Microsoft forces the use of IKEv2 which the Sophos UTM doesn't support (its OpenSwan instead of SuperSwan).  So I am trying to mate two different incompatible solutions.

    Thanks for anything you can offer.

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