RRD graphs; 1 year time period with 1 minute resolution?

  • Hi,

    I want to monitor the total amount of bandwidth used on my outside interface. To do that accurately over a larger timespan I want the actual maximum used at that time, not lets say a 1 day average. I know how RRD tool saves data and averages data for disk saving purposes, but I wonder if this is something that is somewhat easy to tweak? I would like to have 1 minute resolution for the past year or so (and I run the server on a virtual machine so disk space shouldn't be an issue).

    Or do you have any other suggestions? Average-data isn't good for much in my opinion…

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  • 1. RRD was removed in 2.3
    2. No easy way to do this. If you need that resolution data for that time period, you should use an external logging server. There are a number of them out there, many free. The downside is that it takes an external server.

  • I thought even the new "monitor" functionality in 2.3 was based on RRD since it shares many similarities. But external logging server it is!  8)

  • I'm pretty sure that RRD still handles the logging side of the monitoring graphs… it's just that it doesn't handle the graphing side of it anymore.

    I think an external service would be the best way to go, and might provide more flexibility in the data it gives. vnstat is a package that many used under earlier versions of pfSense. It's still under construction for 2.3, but many are awaiting its return. Lots of users who have ISPs with data limits use it to keep track of their usage. The vnstat service that does the monitoring can be installed via pkg in the shell... you just won't have a pretty GUI to show graphs.

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