Can not open port 1433 for SQL_Server

  • Hello,
    i want open port 1433 but can not open this port , how can i do it? can you help me?
    please see these picture .

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    Gawd this is a BAD idea ;)  But have you gone over

    Where exactly are you have problems going through the troubleshoot doc?

    Are you going to be locking this down to just your know good source IPs?  That is one of the ports the bots and script kiddies look for all day long..  Just today I see multiple hits on that port.

    That you would open up your sql server to the public internet is really really bad idea!!

  • You have NAT and a Port Alias shown.
    Did you create a Firewall Rule on WAN for this as well?

  • this is firewall roll

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    Got to love how all your ports run on both tcp and udp.. Never heard of sql 1433 using UDP for example..

    So again ask where are you having problem in your troubleshooting doc..  These problems always come down to PEBKAC to be honest..  So walk through the doc to find where your issue is..

    edit:  Dude in answer to your PM.. I have no problem telling you were to buy a gun, how to load the gun, helping you figure out how to turn off the safety, etc.  But sure not going to pull the trigger for because you want to shoot yourself..

    Opening up 1433 to the public internet is just a bad bad bad idea all the way around..  Since you can not figure out basic port forwarding, or even what protocol your services run on tcp or udp I have hard time believing you actually grasp the consequences of doing such a thing.. So no I really don't want to use teamviewer and open that port up for you.

    I have already told you were to buy the gun and how to turn off the safety by pointing you to the troubleshooting doc, as you putting the bullet in your head yeah your going to have to pull the trigger yourself.. Sorry…

  • if open this port bad , what is  good idea ?
    i have server by (windows server 2008 r2) and  install MS SQL Server to it , now i want connect to SQL Server from another computer in another internet not same network , i must open port 1433 , without it have another idea?

  • can you help me?

  • Connect with a VPN to your network (IPSec or OpenVPN).
    Do not, like never, open SQL ports to the public internet.

  • @johnpoz:

    Opening up 1433 to the public internet is just a bad bad bad idea all the way around..

    Well, if he does this it it is a somewhat self fixing problem, as the SQL server will almost certainly be toast in a matter of hours…  ::)

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    Very true….  But I still don't feel right pulling the actual trigger on a suicide..

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