DNS on pfsense 101 ??

  • I have used pfsense for a while now and recently got the latest iteration but in all this time I have just used it as a router and little more.

    My problem is that networking etc. is a bit of a black hole in my knowledge so reading the guides etc is somewhat like reading a foreign language.

    What I think I want is pfsense to be my local dns server which, if it is unable to resolve, refers to something like open dns.

    Yes, I know this is something very basic but I feel a bit lost purely because of my lack of understanding. For example: should I point my machines at the local address of say or at referred to in the notes?

    What I need is either some settings, but that just gets me going without me understanding, or somebody to help me understand what is happening when I enable forwarding etc.

    Or perhaps links that I can use to further my understanding when I read the notes under each of these pfsense settings

    Just a home environment but 11.79TB so far this month or typically 50M urls a day whilst helping on a project

    For hardware I am using j1900 4c @2.0, 8GB ram, Intel dual NIC (i340 I think), X25E 40GB ssd.

    Does anyone have a few spare moments to help this old guy try to get to grips ?

  • Have you watched this video?

    Comprehensive Guide to pfSense 2.3 Part 7: DNS Resolver and Benchmarking

    Youtube Video

  • I was not even aware that there were any videos but I have to say that it was precisely the level of information I wanted

    It confirmed that the setting changes I made to date were good and added good guidance of what I should be doing next

    So, a big thank you from me for this link and source of enlightenment….. So much easier than trying to make sense of the 4-5? year old pfsense manual I have here. Things have moved on a lot since then

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