Agregating 2 WANs

  • Hi, i want to know and how to agregate 2 Links ( 1Mbps + 1Mbps = 2Mbps ), I know the Microtik LoadBalance PCC works fine. I want to do the same thing with PFSente. Its possible ? How ? I already configure my 2 WANS in a group Tier 1, create the rule of LAN to outside via WANLB, but its not work with 2Mbps, only 1Mbps.

  • pfSense (like most other routers) does not aggregate ; it balances (hence the name).

    so basically, a single connection will never exceed the max speed of a single WAN. With multiple connections, a single client will be able to get the speed of both wans  (2 downloads/with torrents/ google's spdy/ …)

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