DNS resolving issue

  • I'm running 2.3_1.

    My setup actually has two WAN's (one is disabled for now) When I use my DSL connection pfSense works flawlessly I can browse download watch videos etc.

    If I plug the other WAN [SAT] (same port unplugged DSL first) then only pfSense has internet. I can update install packages on the pfSense box but if I try to browse on any client I get a name cannot be resolved. If I manually set the DNS server on each client PC then browsing works just fine over the second WAN for some reason.

    Setting the DNS servers manually in pfSense did not work (though I may have done that wrong it is my first time using it)

    I can post any logs or anything that you guys might need just let me know.

  • So switching to DNS forwarder instead of the DNS resolver seems to have solved the issue.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "WAN [SAT]"  So you mean satellite here, its quite possible on a sat connection your latency is so high that trying to actually resolve would be very problematic.  Resolving means walk the tree to get to the authoritative server for the domain.  So say you wanted to look up www.domain.com.  You would first ask roots, hey roots who do I ask for .com, they would point you to those nameservers, you would go ask them hey who do I ask for domain.com, they would give you the ns for that domain, you would then go directly ask one of those ns for the www record.

    Depending on the domain that NS for that domain might be shitty, or long way away anyway.  Having high latency network could cause problems with that.  While when you forward, your just asking a specific name server hey what is IP for www.domain.com, he most likely has it cached and just gives that IP to you directly.

    Its also possible that your ISP blocks access to dns to anything other than their nameservers, this also breaks resolving.

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