PfSense is not getting dhcp from comcast

  • My pfSense 2.3 box running on fitlet is not able to get DHCP address on its WAN interface. I have tried tweaking MTU and the media settings, turned off DHCPv6. Even cloned the mac from the firewall I am replacing, rebooted modem, etc. but no joy so far.

    Why is my old box able to get DHCP ip but not pfSense ?

  • Are you sure you're using the correct physical interface for WAN?

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I have since found out that the blocking of private networks is most probably why this fails. The modem seems to set a 192.168.x.x as a 30s lease before it hands out the real IP after some time. So I am good now.

    Thanks again.