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  • Hello all
    I have a secure line to the cloud.
    i would like to applay a trafic shaper (QOS) on that line to all SMB protocols ( file transfer ) and limit the file transfer to 3 MB uP/Down only (out of 10)
    any one knows or did this kind of roll and can help me?
    thanks in advance!

  • @sinaydavid:

    I have a secure line to the cloud.

    Can you tell us more about that.  You have a dedicated interface that you are tunneling VPN traffic over? OpenVPN? IPSEC?

  • Hi thanks for the replay.

    Yes, i have a dedicated interface called TRANSSION_LINE which leads directly to my data center.
    this is a simetric and secure line, 10X10 MB.
    i would like to dedicate only 3 MB from this line to file transfer.
    is that more clear…?

  • So - this is a point-to-point circuit then? You are not using IPSEC (or other VPN) to route this "secure" traffic?

    In that case it would be simple enough… set up a 3Mbit limiter in Firewall > Traffic Shaper > Limiters
    Apply this limiter on a new pair of firewall rules that you create (src host/destination host= your file server in the datacenter)
    Limiters are specified in the Advanced section at the bottom of the rules page

    More detail can be found at

  • A better forum would be "Traffic Shaping" than "Installation and Upgrades".

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