Fresh installation in virtualbox; can't ping pfsense IP

  • I've installed pfsense 2.3 x64 in virtualbox with 2 adapters; One is bridged to my wifi adapter (adsl modem) (WAN) and the other one set as'Internal network' ('intnet') (Lan);

    The problem is that although pfsense can automatically detect dhcp over first adapter and get an IP but my system (the host) can not ping the pfsense server (pfsense can ping both adsl modem gateway and the host).

    Note1: Disabling the antivirus and firewall (kaspersky internet security 2016) has no effect.

    Note2: I know that this setup works because I use the exact same network configurations for a Kerio Control server (v9.0.2, installed in virtualbox)

    Note3: If I constantly ping pfsense server in my host (ping -t) and at the same time restart pfsense server, during the booting phase of pfsense I can get two pings!

  • WAN interface blocks everything by default.

    The two pings occur between when the WAN interface comes up and the firewall gets applied.  Which may be a potential security hole.

  • So what should I do? try to connect to server via LAN?

  • Option 12 at console, "playback enableallowallwan", and it'll unset the block private networks and add an allow all rule. That's probably where you want to start since WAN is actually on LAN, but that's not something you want if that WAN will be moved to an Internet connection.

  • I tried to connect to pfsense via client in LAN (as suggested) and it was successful;

    Thanks for the clarifications

  • @alphajoza:

    So what should I do? try to connect to server via LAN?

    I use host only adapter for the LAN interface and set its network to something like

    Configure the pfSense LAN with via console option 2 and then the host machine can access pfSense via it's LAN interface.

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