Captive Portal Plus

  • Captive Portal Plus is a very nice tool to generate Captive Portal vouchers, is it possible to add it as a standard installation package?

  • I am trying to get it working with 2.3.1. Does it work for you? I followed the instructions and managed to upload all the files but the link generation (to remove installation files) gives me an error: "Cannot find the correct line in Please insert menu link manually."

    Can you tell me how you did your installation.

  • Removed link because it's a really bad idea to try that. I'm not sure it ever worked well, and it hasn't been maintained and won't work on any recent versions.

  • Is there a similar package that works on 2.3.1?

  • By following Googled instruction, there is some changes in cpp_install.php. The layout and icon a little strange, but at least it can work.
    You can backup the configuration of Captive Portal Plus first, so that you will be able to restore the setting right away.

    • Please download and extract the zip file.

    • Goto pfSense webGUI -> Diagnostics -> Command Prompt.

    • Upload file cpp_install.php

    • Enter command: mv /tmp/cpp_install.php /usr/local/www and then execute it.

    • Access the installation page from your browser: <pfsense_ip>/cpp_install.php</pfsense_ip>

    • Follow the steps on the installation page

    However, I'm still hoping that Captive Portal Plus can become a standard installation packageĀ  ;D

  • Hello!

    Any solution to install version 2.3.2 of the Voucher Generator?

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