No WAN to IPS Authentication after update to 2.3

  • Updated to 2.3 (nano) all ok except that the WAN connection (authentication) to the ISP fails. (IPV4)
    (modem is just dumb modem authentication is on wan interface)

    Was set to pppoe with user name and password but the interface had the user-name and password of the pfsense box after update

    Reset to correct stuff and not getting the wan up

    using the wizard the pppoe was shown as the gui name and password.

    Resetting it in wizard came back with error cant open /cf/conf/config.xml – which is there and can be opened in edit file - after reboot still has gui name an password for pppoe

    So seems like no way to get the wan up and running.

    Any ideas other than clean install?

  • Sounds like you're stuck read-only mounted. Go to Diag>NanoBSD, enable permanent rw. That's what 2.3.1 does out of the box to avoid that issue.

  • Thanks, Finally gave up on the nano install -went to full 2.3.1 Was seeing a lot of re boots caused by unplugging LAN and connecting APs which has stopped now - still got problems which will need separate post.

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