Access after changing WebConfigurator port

  • Just a quick question that has me stumped.  I've Googled and also looked it up in two different pfsense book (the cookbook and one other one).  Thanks in advance.

    I see that I can change the webConfigurator's port from the default as a "security through obscurity" measure.  If I do that, how do I then access the webConfigurator?  I'm assuming I enter the IP in the URL field, followed by a colon and the new port number (example: but I'd like to verify that.  It's weird that this is not documented anywhere.

    Thanks again!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    That is some really basic stuff.. Not sure why that would be an issue for documentation?

    Its not really documented what the difference between a /24 and /23 is either.  You would normally assume someone using such a device has some basic understanding of networking, etc.

    But yes if your change your https port to 5985 then yes https://ipaddressorhostname:port would be the correct way to access the webgui on this new port.  How else might you access it? ;)

  • Thanks!  I know it's rather basic but I didn't want to assume anything and end up locking myself out, figured it was better to verify it just in case.

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