Traffic shaping with Chelsio T520-SO-CR

  • I've setup pfsense 2.3.2 on a Dell PowerEdge R220 with a Chelsio T520-SO-CR 10Gb nic configured with the following interfaces:

    WAN (wan)      -> cxl1      -> v4:
    VLAN1 (lan)    -> cxl0_vlan1 -> v4:
    VLAN5 (opt1)    -> cxl0_vlan5 -> v4:
    VLAN10 (opt2)  -> cxl0_vlan10 -> v4:
    VLAN14 (opt3)  -> cxl0_vlan14 -> v4:

    All working fine except that the Traffic Shaping wizard can't seem to see the WAN interface: the dropdown only lists the vlan interfaces. I'm aware that the nic driver must be compatible with ALTQ for shaping to work and as I understand it, this nic is using the cxgbe driver which is listed as supported on the ALTQ manpage, but I don't know how to verify for certain that this is the driver actually being used.

    How can I troubleshoot what is causing this issue, whether it's driver related or something else?

    Many thanks,

  • Is there anyone else with this nic able to use traffic shaping?

  • Have you tried manually creating the ALTQ queues?

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