Interface admin broken in Fri Aug 15 18:03:44 EDT build

  • It defaults to OPT4 (or, I would guess - the last interface) whichever way I try to enter interface administration on yesterdays build. This worked fine in previous [1.3] versions.

    It seems the correct "tag" is sent in the querystring (ie. LAN, WAN, DMZ etc) but it looks like the php code disregards this and displays the last IF anyhow.

  • This is still present in the Sun Aug 17 15:52:29 EDT build.

    Am I the only one seeing this, or am I the only one using the webinterface to configure my if's?

  • I see that too (1.3aa, Sunday Aug 17th build).
    If I load:  https://192.168…/interfaces_wan.php?if=opt1
    I see the details for OPT3, or whatever is the higher value OPT interface.


  • I can confirm the same issue.

    Running 1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA
    built on Sat Aug 23 05:59:05 EDT 2008
    FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p3


  • Same problem version built on Sat Aug 23

  • I can also confirm the issue of only being able to see OPT1 when clicking on OPT1 and WAN under the Interfaces menu.  The link shows interface_wan.php and the issue can be replicated on IE, Firefox, and Opera.  The LAN page works correctly under the Interfaces menu.

  • Fixed.  Please test next snapshot.

  • @sullrich:

    Fixed.  Please test next snapshot.

    Wow! That's great to hear! Thank you!!  :) :) :)

  • Have 3 NIC-s (re0, sk0, bge0) and want "many" vlan-s.

    1. Max interfaces count (phys. NIC-s + VLAN-s) can assign in web admin = 4 (not all OK).
      ( ! If vlan-s created under console !)
    2. Max interfaces count (phys. NIC-s + VLAN-s) can assign in web admin = 12.
    **  ( ! If vlan-s created using webgui - not in console !)**
        12 - LAN(bge0) - WAN(re0) = 10
        OPT1 = sk0 , OPT2…OPT10 Vlan-s on sk0
        After OPT10 assignment all next add(+) click-s does nothing... 
    3. Tested on "many" latest snapshots incl. 20080902-0146.iso.

  • Try next snapshot should be fixed.

  • 1. Web admin related (2) - FIXED.
    2. Console related (1) - NO changes , only 4 interfaces (re0,sk0,bge0,re0?)…

  • The console option is only there for the intial setup so the webui can be accessed.

    It is not ment for complete configuration.

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