IP not showing as VPN IP but mobile phones IP

  • Hello All,
      I just got my PFsense setup to be able to connect to my IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac using the built in IPSec VPN. When I activate it I get the VPN on the IOS devices and the Mac can also connect when tethering via my IOS device.

    Now the question I have is when I am VPNing to my firewall the IP address when I do a "what is my IP address" from google is still the mobile device ISP.
    I feel I am missing something to have all data back to the PFSense box then go out to the internet? I would expect the IP address that is show to be that of my PFSense box.

    I appreciate any help.

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Do you have specified in the phase 2?

  • I do not. (Or I don't believe I do)

    Phase 2: Mobile Clients Page

    Mode: Tunnel IPv4
    Local Network: Lan subnet  - Nothing in the address block
    Nat/BINAT Translation: None - Nothing in the address block
    Description: (blank nothing here)

    Phase 2 Proposal (SA/Key Exchange)
    Protocol: ESP

    Encryption Algorithms
    AES with 256 bits selected
    AES256-GCM with auto selected
    The rest are unchecked

    Hash Algorithms:
    SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 selected. The rest are unchecked

    PFS key group: Off
    Lifetime: 3600 seconds

    Automatically ping host: (Blank, nothing here)

    Is there something I should have set here?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate


    Local Network: Network: /0

    Set Local Network as desired, e.g. LAN subnet

    To pass all traffic, including Internet traffic, across the VPN, set the Local Network to

  • Sadly that did not work.

    I seem to still show the IPv6 address that T-Mobile is providing. I found a site that shows a IPv4 address and it is not my VPN servers IP address either.

    I can see the IPv4 addressed machines on my local network when the VPN connects.

    I will say I am puzzled.