Connectivity issues on Hyper-V

  • So, here is a very strange one!

    I've got PFsense v2.3.2 installed on Hyper-V 2012 R2. The VM is using legacy adapters and can be seen in pfsense as de0, de1 and de2

    As a test, I've got the WAN interface connecting on DHCP and it's picking up a DHCP IP just fine. It can ping it's own interface but cannot ping the default gateway or anything on the same VLAN.
    I get the same when I configure de1 or de2.

    I've tried a "pfctl -d" at the cli to see if that would fix things but still no joy. I'm stumped! is the IP it's getting from DHCP. is the DG for that subnet.

  • Silly question, did you disable the default block rules for RFC 1918 addresses?

  • It's a good question. All I've got access to is the CLI so I think I'm good using those IP ranges, certainly it's never been an issue when I've installed on VMWare but if there is a command I can use to be sure and/or test this I'll happily give it a go!!