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    I have a WAN rule that is part of a NAT redirect.  The rule basically allows TCP 7001 to an internal IP address.  I have someone using it to access some files, but at the same rate I don't want them saturating my upstream pipe (it's not that big.) So I created two limiters at 500Kb each and applied them in each direction for the rule.  But when I do this the rule allowing access via that NAT is then not followed by PfSense.  If I remove the rate limiters from the rule (e.g. setting it to none) then the rule works again.

    Why I do the same thing to a rule on the LAN, it seems to work just fine.

    Did I miss something and Limiters are not allowed on WAN interfaces or could I possibly have done something wrong?  Normally I just apply a limited to a firewall rule and then it applies to that rule and uses the limiter as a queue depending on how it is masked in the limiter setup.  Right now it is set to which should be anything.  Thanks!

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  • thanks!  Seems like this has been going on for a while too.  Sad.

    I found the same issue could be replicated if I setup an in/out queue for the interface.  As soon as it filled no new traffic was passed from the WAN to the LAN.

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    FYI- This is no longer a problem on 2.4.

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