Changing WAN from ppoe to dhcp private IP

  • I have been running pfsense with dual wan setup for some years with no problem. Previous setup was
    WAN - ppoe using adsl modem
    wan2 - ppoe using VDSL modem
    LAN simple dchp using range
    a few port mappings, otherwise default

    I have been forced to change wan2 connection to vodafone VDSL router HHG2500.  This is very limited - gives out private IP via dhcp with no way to disable NAT and noway to bridge / pass-through.

    So I have changed wan2 to dhcp and unchecked block private networks. I can see it is connecting - getting via dhcp and connecting to VDSL router at

    But no internet connection possible through wan2.

    Before I start changing everything to try manual routing etc - am I missing something very simple? A firewall rule perhaps?
    On VDSL router I have disabled the firewall and tried setting DMZ to, but no internet.

    I have spent a couple of hours searching on the forum but haven't been able to find any simple solution.

    Thanks in advance - help appreciated.

  • You deleted the obsolete GW and created a new one at  System: Routing?
    Do you use load-balancing, policy-routing or failover with those two WANs?

  • Yes, I deleted the obsolete GW and created a new one.

    I have used failover previously, but currently only trying with one WAN at a time, the other being disabled. Image shows GW, with both apparently active, but if I disable WAN1 and try routing through WAN2, no connectivity.

    I don't use any policy routing, very simple setup.

    Any thoughts?

  • Managed to resolve the problem -

    Although I had deleted the gateway and made a new one - pfsense "remembered" an old gateway-group - so was still trying to use old (non-existent) gateway within the group.

    Added new gateway to gateway group - all working perfectly.

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