Windows 10 not working with pfsense dhcp

  • None of our windows 10 machines will accept addresses from pfsense dhcp. They worked with our old dhcp server, ISC dhcp-3.0 on linux. And everything else is working with the pfsense dhcp, windows server, linux, mac, android. Also, this is a HA setup. Is is normal for the backup pf's dhcpd to respond? I seem to see responses from both machines in the logs.

    Here're logs related to one of the windows 10 boxen (nrack2i is the backup pf):
    Dec  9 17:16:56 nrack2i dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 4c:60:de:5d:e3:00 via igb2
    Dec  9 17:16:57 nrack2i dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to 4c:60:de:5d:e3:00 (markw) via igb2
    Dec  9 17:16:57 nrack2i dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from 4c:60:de:5d:e3:00 (markw) via igb2
    Dec  9 17:16:57 nrack2i dhcpd: DHCPACK on to 4c:60:de:5d:e3:00 (markw) via igb2

    OT for this group, but have similar issues with openvpn on windows 10. Works on linux and android clients (haven't tried mac). Windows won't take the IP assignement from openvpn server. Again, it did from my old openvpn server.

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    -1; DHCP works just fine with Windows 10. You clearly have some mess with multiple DHCP servers on your network. Perhaps ditch the CARP until basics are working.

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    Yes it is completely normal for both DHCP servers to answer queries. That is how a pair of ISC dhcpd servers work.

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    ^ as long as they share the db of leases its fine..

    As to windows 10 not getting dhcp.. With dok - works just fine.. Did you block dhcp on its firewall ;)  Clearly pfsense is sending you a offer and then there is even a request for it.. So you got something else going on..

    If there was some issue with pfsense and w10, with such a large % of deployed windows clients.. Don't you think the boards would be screaming with people having issues with dhcp?

    Here is a windows 10 client, just got dhcp from pfsense..  Are you on some new build or something that might have dhcp bug?  This client is prob a bit behind in builds..  Is it ALL of them?  Your not having issues with any other dhcp clients?  If your seeing the ack, and you saw the request.. clearly points to client.. You could sniff it post up the conversation and we could see what is going on.. So does the client just continue to send discover and then request?  What does the client log say?

    Event Viewer
      > Applications and Services Logs
        > Microsoft
          > Windows
            > Dhcp-Client
              > Microsoft-Windows-DHCP Client Events/Admin

  • This is a known problem with Windows 10 and has nothing to do with pfSense.
    Wait for a fix from Redmond, maybe this next patchday?

      ipconfig /release
      ipconfig /renew
    from Windows cmd

    Do NOT assign a static IP, you might end up with the static and an additional APIPA address and your system happily switching between them all the time.
    Here's a german IT magazin's article about it:

  • Unbelievable, the Microsoft dhcpv6 client is broke since anniversary update. Now they somehow managed to brake the dhcpv4 client.?!

  • Security, it's all about security!
    This is to delivering a more secure experience to the user.

    Not, you say?

  • No problems here at all, my windows 10 machine gets a fully working DHCP lease every time like clockwork.

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    Well, this clearly is a new M$ low… The problem with some idiotic December hotfix seems so bad that every page displays this banner:

    (And no, I am NOT hallucinating.)

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    Yeah there is article about recent patch that made it worse or sure didn't fix it

    Which is why I asked what build your on, my is older build..

    Oh its a 1 post wonder - the prob won't even be back.. Guess this is good info for the next shmuck..

  • Found the problem. The DHCP server was configured to hand out a static classless route (code 121) which is now defunct. It turns out some Linux boxes complained about it too but didn't abort the whole IP setting process as Windows 10 did (without saying why of course, just code 0x79).

    Thanks all.

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    Why would you have been using option 121?  that could be used as a work around for clients that are on a transit network to hand them other routes, etc..

    But to be honest.. This option is one of those rare ones.. Special cases for sure.. Why would you have setup pfsense dhcp to do that vs just standard option 3?  Wouldn't you normally just use option 33 to hand the client static routes?

  • Windows 10 DHCPv6 is still broken, as of Version 1607 (Build 14393.576).

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  • FYI regarding the Windows 10 Anniversary DHCPv6 renewal issue… according to the very last post in  this MS Technet discussion, the fix will be in the March 2017 monthly update.

  • In my network i have around 50+ PC with Windows 10, and 20+ PC with Windows 7, and almost no problems (only one: some clients somehowe take duplicate IP, or dont take any IP - it around 3-4 PCs from all lan) with DHCPv6 in Assisted Mode because it use DHCPv6 in managed mode otherwise in fail mode use stateless autoconfiguration. Works just perfect. I'm even haven't IPv6 problems in OpenVPN, if someone need help\manual how to configure it I can post it on new topic.

  • As of version 1607, build 14393.953, which is a regular update, the problem has been fixed.

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