Connecting WAN to another local network?

  • I have a computer with two Ethernet ports and I'm gonna install pfSense on it. 
    I don't want it to be connected to the Internet directly though. It should access the Internet through a WiFi bridge. 
    Let me visualize what I'm trying to achieve:

    [Main router for Internet]<->[WiFi bridge]<->[pfSense router with QoS, http cache etc]<->[Ethernet switch]<->[Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, …]

    So I don't want my devices to be connected to the Internet router directly. I want them to connect with the pfSense router so that they can benefit from QoS, http caches etc.

    What do I have to do during and after the installation to make that work?

  • Could I simply configure the WAN interface of the pfSense router to act as a client on the WiFi bridge?

    [{InternetIP} - Router with DHCP - {}]  <-> [{} - WiFi Bridge with DHCP - {}] <-> [{ } - pfSense router with DHCP - {}] <-> [{192.168.3.X} - Clients]

    So I guess the WAN configuration of the pfSense router would look like this?

    Default Gateway:
    IP: DHCP

    Would that work?

  • Looks ok to me!  :)

    typo with IPs on drawing though… ;)

  • I can't find the typo, could you point me to it? Maybe I just have the wrong understanding of how this would work.

  • I've been starring at the IPs in the drawing for like 40 minutes now. I can't see a typo.

  • Banned


  • Well, apparently I'm blind. Thanks :D

  • ;D 8)

  • Which parts of the network do you control?
    Don't want to stirr up the soup but three routers seems … optimizable.
    Are "WiFi Bridge" and "Router of the Bridge" separate devices and is anything else hanging off of the Bridge Router other than your pfSense?

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