Hardware Sizing - 30+ VLANS

  • Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice, I have a customer with student accomodation, with 13 apartments. For this, I'm using an APU 1D board, each apartment has it's own VLAN, and an upload/download limit, that's it, nothing else majorly fancy. It works fine, and everything runs well.

    The same customer is looking at a 31 apartment building, the setup would be the same, seperate VLAN's, upload/download limit, nothing else fancy. Is this going to be too much for the APU 1D?

  • The number of VLANs doesn't really matter; the performance is going to depend on the number of packets (which is more or less constrained in this case by the internet bandwidth). FWIW, a new deployment is probably better off using an APU2, which is a bit cheaper, a bit faster, and should have a longer availability.

  • It'll be the latest APU, can't keep up with the revisions :)

  • Is this going to be too much for the APU 1D?

    • APU2C4
    • Jetway NF9HG-2930 if this might be not really strong enough!

    But the best way in my eyes is to insert a small Layer3 Switch such as the following
    A D-Link DGS-1510 or Cisco SG350, they will route between the VLANs if this is needed with wire speed
    if not needed you can also go with a Cisco SG220 switch, that is really fast and wicked. then the APU1D
    would be enough for it or one from the both other named above boxes.

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