PfSense SYSLOG messages not to spec

  • (I'm new to pfSense so this issue may have been around for a while, but it certainly happens on the 20080913 build…)

    I searched on these forums for a while, but found no reference to this:

    RFC 3164 ("The BSD Syslog Protocol") dictates that following the Timestamp field will be a space then the "HOSTNAME" which may be either the actual hostname or the device's IP address.  It looks like (at least in the 20080913 build) pfSense is not including a hostname of any kind in any of its messages.

    Is this something that could be addressed?  I imagine it would be trivial for someone familiar with the code to correct, but if it's deemed not of enough value, I'd be happy to jump in and see if I can get it done if the final patch is something that would be considered for the project.



  • This has always been the case, but you're right, it should be there. I opened a bug ticket, it's not a regression from 1.2 so it won't be fixed in 1.2.1 (only regressions are getting fixed there prior to its release), but will after that release.

  • Cool - thanks for the info.

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