Unbound dns discovery

  • @work we use a print-management service called papercut.

    they have this newish feature called 'mobility print', that allows byod printing easily by use of an app.

    There are 2 options to get this app working
    -mdns  (will probably work when using avahi to infect the network with zillions of multicasts)

    -dns discovery (never heard about it)

    ;–-------------- Mobility Print records --------------

    b._dns-sd._udp      IN PTR pc-printer-discovery
    lb._dns-sd._udp      IN PTR pc-printer-discovery
    pc-printer-discovery IN NS  print-server-host
    print-server-host    IN A  XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    ;--------------- End of Mobility Print records ---------

    so that would be a valid config when using a BIND zone (example from papercut docs)
    Anyone know how to translate the above in unbound?

    fyi captiveportal is involved.

    I know i could setup a separate VM with a bind or could probably do the same on one of the DC's, but would prefer to use the resolver builtin to pfsense

  • Hey heper,

    did you manage to get this working?

    I'm having the same problem here:


  • I do have something similar setup using the BIND package, but this is also the only thing really preventing me from just running unbound (a.k.a "DNS Resolver") — which is better integrated with the system.

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    There was a huge thread about this papercut stuff.. I do not recall how it turned out… I had installed their software and looked at it but hen got side tracked.. What I recall is their software was borked from there to sunset...

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