Pfsense 2.3.4 X64 Loadbalanced Not stabil

  • I have set up 3 dsl lines as load-balancing, but the stabilization does not work Internet pages are sometimes slow
    3 adsl hat 16mbit
    Layer 1 2 3
    Member set

    Also, the gateway monitor is offline
    Monitor ip addresses

    I want to distribute the load equally to the lines and the stability work helps to cheer you up.

  • Then you should set all lines to Tier 1, and set your LAN > WAN rule to use the Gateway group.

    As for gateway monitor offline are you sure that pfsense can actuall use the WANs?

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  • There is no problem in configuration firewall rule when I do not load balancing correctly there is no problem I can use the lines separately.

    not: TP-LINK TG-3468 100/1000 REALTEK PCI-EXP ETHERNET

  • Sure, you can do "policy routing" meaning create Aliases with internal IPs of hosts and use LAN > WAN rules to route them through the gateways you like. Make sure those LAN rules to be above the main LAN > WAN rule.

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