Feature request - SMART to report and email properly

  • I recently dealt with a hard drive failure that I didn't even know was happening. It was corrupting data and reared it's ugly head as a bug in the GUI.
    I noticed the issue when I looked at the system logs and the console as a CAM error but SMART didn't report any problems. The dashboard said the drive was fine.

    Upon pulling the drive I ran a test and low and behold SMART was saying the drive is in a warning state. Reallocation Events and Current Pending Error Counts were flagged.
    Again though, SMART on PfSense said nothing.

    I created another thread about this found here…

    My original post is found here...

    Point being SMART is not periodically testing. Say on a schedule?

    Smart is not able to email upon a pending failure or caution flag.

    The drive in which the OS and data is stored is a critical part of a machine. It would be good that a periodic test/check of this component is run. If a warning or failure is detected it would be good to send a notification upon a detected warning and/or alert.

    My request is that SMART do more than just be a pretty pretty giving a false sense of security.

    I understand that SMART won't detect all errors, but it can detect much of what is going on and most of the time will tell you if a drive in on the fritz or on rather that the drive is on it's way out.

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