PPPOE with VLAN to LAN with VLAN

  • Hiya!

    As of today, our ISP enforced the use of VLAN with their pppoe connection.
    Now I added the VLAN to the pppoe and Internet works again, but our SIP connection won't.

    Here the basic layout:

    • PFSense Running on VMWARE ESXI, WAN = VLAN 4095 (means PFSense tags the needed VLAN), LAN = VLAN 4095
    • PPPoE Modem (WAN Port PFSENSE with VLAN 7, PPPOE connected)
    • LAN Port:
      Managed Switch with hybrid tagged/untagged. Every packet without VLAN 300 gets untagged with VLAN ID 1
    • Interface1 (LAN) without VLAN, Switch untagged to VLAN 1

    • Interface2 (VOICE) with VLAN 300, Switch tagged

    I GUESS that the WAN connection tags the incoming packets with VLAN 7 and that's why the connection with/to the VLAN 300 won't work. The LAN Interface without VLAN works as it should, maybe because of the enforced tagging. So … any idea how to fix this?

    Setting the Interface for LAN to VLAN 1 and change the switch to "tagged 1,300"? Can I remove the VLAN 7 from incoming pakets? Any other idea?

    I already added VLAN 7 to tagged in the switch, even if it didn't make much sense ...

    I'm honestly at a loss here

  • Hi Merad,

    was you able to fix this problem?

    i have the same problem, my provider need a vlan as source for PPPoe.
    PPPOe is working when using it without vlan.
    But also assigning an IP to ibg0_vlan144 is working.

    I am running PFsense 2.3.4p1 CE on APU2C4.

    But it seems we are not the only one with this problem.

    any ideas?

    best regards

  • Please make a picture of what ist what in your network. I don't know what you mean with "PPPoE Modem" and so on.


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