Link agregation for multi wan configuration possible ??

  • Hello guys,

    I was wondering if it is possible to do a link agregation of 2 WAN with the same speed connection to double my downloading speed of a single file. I'm not talking here about a load balancing configuration which will allow me to double my bandwith if 'im downloading multiple files .

    If you any idea let me know, I didn't find any thing relevant so far…

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    It doesn't work that way.. No you can not do this..

    You can not even do it on a local lan..  Lagg, port channel, etherchannel, teaming, whatever you want to call it.. does not bond the nics together to create a fatter faster nic.. Its just 1 and 1, doesn't mean it = 2..

    While you can load share different sessions across such a connection.. Firs a single session you will only ever go across one of the nics.  And even if you create multiple sessions across such a connection.  Your still talking mac to mac, which is only going to go across one of the nics..

    If you need a faster/fatter connection - your solution is to get a faster fatter connection..

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    It doesn't work that way - end of story…  If you need faster fatter, then get faster fatter..

  • Ok thank you very much for your answer

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    What kind of download are you trying to make faster.. Are you actually filling up your pipe?  If not filling your pipe you could do a multisegmented download to speed it up..  Depends on how the file is being served. http, ftp, sftp, webdav, etc.

  • It is for torrents or newsgroups files. It seems that I'm filling up my pipe from the download speed I see but I'm not aware of a test protocol for that.

    The thing is that I won't die if I don't get a faster connection but because I'm quite new to pfsense and I still want to learn more by doing projects like I think a big part of the community. I was wondering if I could do this kind of agregation because I have a second WAN in my house. And also I come from France and there is a company here that sells a service that allows you to do that using a protocol called MPTCP derived from TCP and a proxy. This is the link if you don't speak french google trad could help you :
    But let's be clear this exceed by far my knowledge in network so perhaps it is not revelant…?

    Basically I was just curious about that and wanted to try it...

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    I know what mptcp is ;)

    But its not in pfsense, nor is it freebsd as of yet that I am aware of

    mptcp is NOT link aggregation btw.. Should of mentioned mptcp in the subject and your post right from the get go ;)

    Torrent files are going to be multiple multiple sessions for sure.  So that could take advantage of load sharing across your 2 wans..

    As to newsgroups.. You pull your files even if they are broken up into multi parts from the same news server..  So such a thing no would not really take advantage of load balancing across your wan links.

  • Sorry that I didn't mention mptcp from the beginning but I didn't want someone to think that I wanted to use this protocol particularly to achieve what I wanted even more when I'm not sure of what this protocol exactly is  :D

    Thank you for the links, I think I'm going to put in place a load balancing configuration !

    Just a stupid I can't really see why you can't have protocol or something capable of : "Hello Server  I'm Wan1 I want to download this file but you can send packets to this adresses Wan 1 and Wan 2. Then after behind the Wans you have a bond that can reorder the packets in order to obtain your complete file and deliver it to the local machine that was doing the request" ? I agree it seems a bit complicated like that but not impossible from my amateur point of view…

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