Can Ping, Not Access

  • I am hoping you guys can save me.
    I've been pounding my head against this wall for almost a week.

    Thank you for the assistance.

    Three servers

    • HQ, 24, 26
    • vsphere essentials
      Three locations
    • west, middle, east
      IPSec VPN

    PFsense is located in ESXI on servers 24 & 26
    servers 24/26 are rented servers, with no physical access
    A Meraki MX64 is being used before server HQ

    network layout
    Modem -> Meraki -> Server HQ -> vmkernal (

    OVH -> Server 24 -> PFsense -> vmkernal (

    OVH -> Server 26 -> PFsense -> vmkernal (

    IPSe is setup with a connection to each server. it is active and running.
    The vms on all three servers can interact perfectly

    Unable to access vmkernal on server 24 & 26 outside of their local network
    Can ping, but not access

    Example one:
    a vm on server 24 can access vmkernal on 24, but not on 26.
    a vm on server 26 can access vmkernal on 26, but not on 24.
    a vm on server HQ can not access vmkernal on either 24 or 26.
    all vms on all servers can access vmkernal on server HQ

    Example two:
    any device can ping servers 24 & 26 's vmkernal.
    But when trying to access it, the connect times out.
    PFsense logs show, the packets are never delivered.

    vsphere firewall:
    I disabled the esxi firewall on all three servers. Nothing changed.
    I added both the public and private networks to the vmware firewall, on all three servers. nothing changed.

    Ping traffic is delivered.
    all other traffic is not.

    IPsec rule to allow all traffic

    retransmission, the packets are never reach their destination.

    see attachments for more information.

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