• I have a web server behind pfSense 2.3.4, i can access the web server from Lan and Wan without any problem.

    I have 3 Static Public IP from my ISP (1 block x.x.x.x/32): ==> Used by pfSense as PPPoE service. ==> Used by Web Server 1. ==> Used by Web Server 2.

    when running this command from SSH Web Server 1 (```
    dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com.

    that mean pfSense NAT Lan packets Source from [] to [], i know its normal, but how to disable this NAT ?
    i already tested Manual Outbound NAT, and 1:1… the result its always the same.
    Please how to disable NAT ? or how to assign the Public IP directly to the web server behind pfSense ?
    Thank in advance,

  • dig only resolves myip.opendns.com by using resolver1.opendns.com. And the associated IP is obviously
    If you want your web server 2 to use another external IP you have to set it up in the DNS and assign this IP to your WAN interface and configure 1:1 NAT. However, the 1:1 only effects outbound connections.