PfSense OpenVPN clients routing

  • We've setup OpenVPN using pfSense 2.3.4

    Local subnet is, VPN clients are

    We also have another subnets and which is connected through pfSense IPSec as a Site-To-Site VPN.

    OpenVPN clients are able to ping hosts on subnet without any problems, but are unable to ping hosts on and

    pfSense itself is able to ping clients from "Diagnostics > Ping" menu, but unable to do so from shell.

    We need to enable OpenVPN clients to access hosts on and subnet.

  • 1. Your openvpn clients need routes to and, this can be achieved in the webgui. If the clients use (which I assume is the Openvpn gw) as default route this is not necessary.
    2. Your hosts at and need to have a route back to

  • Hi i use openvpn gui. Please write me exactly the commands and in which router to enter them or through scratch images show me in which menu exactly how to introduce you I beseech you

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