Out of subnet routing… (Failover IP setup)

  • My provider put me up with a somewhat unusual, but otherwise functional routing config known as a failover IP…

    I have an ESXi with pfSense on it (amongst other things, obviously), and two IP's (I'll be using different IP's, but for the sake of discussion, the setup is working identically):

    Main IP (on ESXi mgmt)
    Def GW:

    Failover IP (on pfSense VM WAN NIC):  (!!!!)
    No default gateway for this IP…

    To make it work from the pfSense I had to manually perform:
    route add -net -link -iface em0
    route add default

    This works fine, I can access the pfSense WebGUI, it can access the internet, etc.

    However there are a few challenges I do not know how to solve:

    1. Getting the above two routes to stick (so they don't get deleted on every reload)
    2. Getting pfSense to accept as a valid gateway, because the UI keeps saying it's not in any interface's network

    Any suggestions appreciated!

  • After more searching (I already searched before posting here) I pretty much found most of the answer here:

  • you can manually add your gateway for the interface then edit the gateway and under advanced settings check "use non-local gateway" (pfsense 2.4.2)

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