3 WAN with load balancing n failover

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    I have 3 leased lines (11 Mbps, 9 Mbps, 5Mbps). I want to do following setup :

    1. Load Balance WAN A + WAN B
    2. Failover between WAN A and (Load balance between WAN B + WAN C with 2:1 weight) ie if WAN A fails traffic should load balance        between Wan B and Wan C.
    3. Failover between WAN B and WAN C

    To do so I have created Gateway group

    1. WanAWanB

    WanA    WanB
      Tier      1        1
    Weight    1        1

    1. WanAUP

    WanA    WanB    WanC
      Tier        1        2      2
    Weight      1        2      1

    1. WanBUp
                  WanB    WanC
      Tier          1        2

    In Firewall LAN Rules

    Allow all LAN Traffic through WanAWanB
    Allow all LAN Traffic Through WanAUP
    Allow all LAN Traffic through WanBUP

    Is my setup correct. Any Suggestions

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    This is how I made it work finally.

    Created a Gateway Group Grp1  –--    WAN  A      WAN B    WAN C
                                              Tier                1                1            2

    This is acting as load balance between WAN A n WAN B .... if WAN A/WAN B fails traffic goes through WAN B/WAN A respectively... if both fails traffic goes through WAN C.

    I didn't create separate  Groups for load balancing and failover as suggested by pfsense official documentation.

    Though I couldn't test load balancing as WAN A is down from last 10 days.

    Thank You

  • hi,
    so in the end you resolve the issue only by tiers ?
    non wheigh were used?

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    Yes I have kept the weight settings as default. It was required if I do a load balance between WAN B(~9 Mbps) n WAN C (~5 Mbps).

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